About Opertech Solutions

OperTech Solutions is provider of services and technology solutions  with headquarters in Spain. Since its inception, OperTech has provided its services to telecommunications operators and regulatory bodies  in different countries and various Governments on the  American and African continent.

The evolution of the technology, opening, unlocking and the end of the monopolies of the telecommunications markets has triggered a series of requirements for the control and management of communications. OperTech, since its beginnings has focused all its efforts to understand the new scenario of telecommunications and respond to many of the needs arising in this transformation that we are living.

The OperTech team is formed by a management team with extensive experience in the sector and the management of projects in emerging countries. The added value of OperTech is its team of engineers and technicians specialized in the research, development, and field work with a high focus on detection of problems,  study, design and implementation of solutions.

The main services and solutions OperTech are:

  • Interconnection Central Point.
  • Number Portability.
  • Revenue Assurance.
  • Management of domestic and international Traffic.
  • Assurance and Auditing of Quality.
  • Billing of interconnections.
  • Interconnection Management Services.
  • Anti-fraud Management.
  • Verification of Import Duties.
  • Audit of International Traffic.
  • Consulting of Regulation of Markets of Telecommunications.
  • Applications for the Management of Telecommunications.

OperTech is called to be a company that plays a role in the transformation of the technology sector.

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