Anti-fraud Management

The different types of fraud that exist today affect both telecom operators as governments and consumers. Be aware that fraud costs millions and it is very important to have a coordinated and planned prevention and detection of fraud.

OperTech has the capability of the case study, the design of anti-fraud strategy and its implementation.

The fraud is mostly an economic impact on society, governments and telecommunications operators and it is common to underestimate the total fraud amount of ignorance.

Types of Fraud:

  • Improper or indiscriminate use of telephone services.
  • Resale of telecommunications services without a license to act that way.
  • By-Pass Traffic: modification of genuine origin of the call.
  • Refilling: international traffic entering a country under the By-Pass mode exit routes enabled in that country.
  • Theft or intrusion line.

The fraud, therefore is linked to reduced revenues by operators and governments, in order to avoid paying the due fees between operators and state fees (taxes).

OperTech benefits of anti-fraud tool:

  • Process automation and management of information obtained from the process of identifying fraudulent calls.
  • Improved control over licensees voice service nationally and internationally.
  • Reduce the number of unlicensed fraudulent networks.
  • Provides complete transparency of information by the Operators.
  • Optimize the revenue of the Government and local operators.
  • Improved management of service quality of all network operators.
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