Interconnection Management Services

Networking Management Systems provides electronic links between service providers so they can exchange traffic. It is the physical and logical linking of telecommunications networks used by the same or different provider to allow users on the network service provider to communicate with users of the same or different provider.

From OperTech believe in the necessity of the existence of a link between regulatory agencies and telecommunications service providers.

Much of the regulatory state agencies lack the tools necessary to evaluate the quality of service for the fulfillment of service level agreements applicable to interconnection, infrastructure sharing and the obligation for incumbents to provide access to points of interest.

OperTech Networking Management Systems service ensures mutual benefits for all involved in a free market in telecommunications:

  • For Regulators: Improving, upgrading and optimization of the interconnection infrastructure. Preparing for AIN, NGN, LNP, OIS.
  • For Operators: neutrality, impartiality assurance, revenue assurance, prevention and blocking fraudulent operators.
  • Government: Managing the imbalance of international telecommunications traffic, the improvement in GDP, trade balance optimization of international telecommunications.
  • Final Consumer: Improving the quality of service, multiple service providers, portability of services, number portability and Intelligent Network Services.
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