Number Portability

The number portability in telecommunication networks is considered a crucial factor contributing to the development of competitive telecommunications services to the extent that removes a barrier to entry for new entrants and allows the efficient use of numbering.

Portability allows you to change service provider but remain in the same location or change of location, it is necessary to assign a new phone number, which generates not only the inefficient use of numbering, which is a scarce resource, but also a series of costs for users interested in such change, such as expenses for advertising the new number assigned.

OperTech conducting the study and implementation to ensure:

a) Flexible architecture: can give network operators a reasonable flexibility as to how the architecture is applied and the use of equipment from multiple vendors.

b) Transparency: The mechanism that provides the portability should be transparent to customers, “ported” and “non-ported.”

c) Quality of the performance: The mechanism by which portability is provided in the call should produce minimal degradation (if any) of the performance.

d) Interconnection: all network operators that offer portability within the same geographical area must interconnect the call, either directly or via a transit exchange, and complete.

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