Services and Solutions

OperTech provides a wide range of Services and Solutions directed to solve the needs of Operators and Regulators in emerging and developing countries, among others, the OperTech Interconnection Management System (“IMS”) which has become nowadays the best solution for the management of the international traffic in the common interest of the countries National Telecom Regulators and the Domestic licensed GSM and fixed Operators.

OperTech designs and supplies the IMS to meet both the requirements of the Regulator of a given country and the specifications of the Domestic Operators Networks and that of their international and local traffic, installing in the Regulator Premises the IMS hardware and the interconnection equipment to link the Operators Networks.

OperTech operates the IMS with the proprietary software and maintains it in close cooperation with the Regulator providing, among other features:

  • Visibility over domestic and international traffic.
  • Monitoring of the international gateways.
  • Accurate billing and collection of taxes and contribution.
  • Generation of domestic and international interconnection settlement reports.
  • Telecom Fraud detection and suppression.
  • Quality of Service.
  • International Telecom Traffic Market Watch.

OperTech’s most recent feature was the addition in the IMS of the monitoring of all mobile money transactions in real-time for the purpose of providing relevant information to the telecoms regulatory authority, central bank, revenue authority, and national security agencies, including all amounts cashed-in, cashed-out, payments and mobile money transaction fees generated, as well as mobile money originating and receiving numbers if so required by the regulatory authority.

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